[pic]Essay #5: Division/Classification


Write a 3-page essay classifying different types. The essay need to focus on types of a specific object or person. The essay is usually not intended to be an inventory of descriptions, but instead a fun examination that leads to an overall summary about what you discovered in the main points of each type. Requirements

• 3 pages

• Introduction (creative hook/lead and use Adios " Encircling” to get into bodily the essay—a 2-paragraph intro is acceptable) • Support Paragraphs (effective use of every: " Flow”, " Pause”, " Time Warping”, " Splitting the 2nd, ” " Transitioning”) • Conclusion (use a creative realization combo of your choice) • Use changeover words/expressions.

• Employ varied sentence structure that displays knowledge of correct punctuation. • Avoid subsequent person standpoint (you), spasms, and repetition. • Avoid use of cliché expressions and overused phrases (i. at the. things, good, beautiful, however). • Limit use of to be verb to no more that 4 times inside the essay. • Clear thesis statement

• Creative Title

Step One (5 points): Thanks October dua puluh enam, 2012, by midnight by means of email ([email protected] com) Select a topic and get acceptance from the instructor. Some examples of people include: persons in an airline, people in a waiting area, people at a specific party, types of fogeys, types of drivers, types of bosses, types of sneezers, types of snorers. Some examples of objects include: types of pizzas (stick to one particular kind like all types of pepperoni pizzas), types of other foods, types of couches, types of jeans, types of chocolate (chocolate pubs, after dinner mints, etc…). You are not restricted to these suggestions; however , anticipate to think of one more idea if the first one should not be approved. Therefore , check your email frequently for any response. When it comes to your topic, remember to...


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