Universe Health Working day is famous on several April to mark the anniversary in the founding of WHO in 1948. Every year a theme is selected for World Overall health Day that highlights a priority area of public welfare concern in the world. The motif for 2013 is high blood pressure. Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure, sometimes named arterial hypertension, is a serious medical condition where the pressure in the arteries is elevated. This requires the center to job harder than normal to circulate blood throughout the blood vessels. Stress is described by two measurements, systolic and diastolic, which depend on whether the cardiovascular system muscle can be contracting (systole) or comfortable between sounds (diastole). Typical blood pressure at rest is within kids of 100-140mmHg systolic (top reading) and 60-90mmHg diastolic (bottom reading). High blood pressure is said to be present whether it is persistently for or over 140/90 mmHg. High blood pressure – also known as increased blood pressure or perhaps hypertension – increases the likelihood of heart problems, strokes and kidney inability. If kept uncontrolled, high blood pressure can also cause blindness, irregularities of the heartbeat and cardiovascular failure. The chance of developing these complications is definitely higher inside the presence of other aerobic risk elements such as diabetes. One in 3 adults worldwide has high blood pressure. The amount increases with age, by 1 in 10 persons in their 20s and 30s to 5 in 10 people in their 50s.

However , heart disease is both preventable and treatable. In a few developed countries, prevention and treatment of the problem, together with different cardiovascular risk factors, has brought about a decrease in deaths from heart disease. The risk of developing hypertension can be lowered by:

Lowering salt consumption; Eating a well-balanced diet; Keeping away from harmful use of alcohol; Choosing regular work out; Maintaining while not having to weight; and Avoiding tobacco use.


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