Q. 1 Answer the following questions

1 . Precisely what is the need for MIME?

2 . What is the need for DNS in the Internet?

three or more. Mention uses of a laptop network.

four. What is intended by: a) WAN b) PAN

a few. Differentiate between half appartment building and total duplex funnel. 6. Precisely what is the major big difference between a hub and a change?

7. What is meant simply by security simply by obscurity?

almost eight. Differentiate among symmetric and asymmetric ciphers.

9. Distinguish between routing process and forwarding method. 10. Differentiate between a cipher and a code.

11. Precisely what is the major problem with Single Little bit Parity examine method for error detection?

doze. What is the use of acknowledgement termes conseilles in info link coating protocols?

13. What is supposed by Attenuation with respect to signs?

14. Differentiate between stream control and congestion control. 14

Q. 2 (a) 1 . Compute the Hamming code pertaining to the bit pattern 1100001 05 2 . What is the advantage of Piggybacking and Pipelining? 02

(b) 1 . Explain the TCP/IP layered structures. 05

2 . What is the advantage of using Unfavorable acknowledgement (NAK) in info link coating protocols?



(b) 1 . Differentiate between wireless and mobile systems with example 05 2 . Briefly explain any kind of two kinds of E-Commerce 02

Q. three or more (a) 1 . Write a note on: UTP (Unshielded Garbled Pair) Cabling 03 2 . Explain the working of dietary fiber optic systems with diagram 04 (b) 1 . Distinguish between packet switching and circuit turning 05 installment payments on your Briefly make clear the need and application of ISM band in wireless communications



Q. 3 (a) 1 . Write a be aware on: Co-axial Cables goal

2 . Compare and contrast satellite systems with dietary fiber optic systems 04 (b) 1 . Quickly explain travel service primitives with respect to transportation Layer


2 . Make clear the blue army problem in connection discharge in transport layer 04


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