Chapter 16- In this chapter the author talks about the local climate change types and if they can be accurate to predict the near future climates. Flannery believes the Hadley unit is correct because the version measures and considers high temperature, moisture and mass. Designs in the past were incorrect due to incorrect satellite data. Flannery ended the chapter simply by saying, by the end of the season 2050, around the world would have already occurred and the rest of the weather is according to mankind, and how they live or take care of the environment.

Section 17- This chapter is around CO2 levels and which usually year has the greatest and the least sum of CARBON DIOXIDE. The era known as the " baby boom” is responsible for the greatest level of LASER. The chapter reveals that half the power that was produced in the industrial revolution has become used and consumed up in the past two decades. The effect from the greenhouses smells are said to be felt by 12 months of 2050.

Chapter 18- The author compares mountains and global warming. Flannery stats an undeniable fact that every a hundred yards a mountain gains, the heat drops one degree. This is unique since the mountain transform wouldn't end up being as significant if the temp didn't drop. When the community gets drier the cold-living species that reside on a mountain will have to increase, but all those insects that cant ascend up will be extinct because of them certainly not living in their natural home.

Chapter 19- The section predicts and talks about just how climate alter will impact many different refuge. The mountains helped many different kinds stay surviving in the past. The writer described and explained the fynbos in the Cape Collapse mountains, because the earth achievement warmer the fynbos will suffer half their species by simply 2050. The author says there will be a 2/1 survival proportion if we do something about it. If we no longer do anything about it 3 away of a few wont survive the next century.

Chapter 20- In this part Flannery discussions and points out many things sea biologists....


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