п»їCHARACTER in The Things That they Carried by simply Tim O'Brien

The narrator - Finally, The Things They will Carried much more about their narrator than anybody different, and though it feels at times like a book about battle, it is in the end a book regarding the narrator's coming to conditions with his previous. Although the narrator is frequently called " Harry, " or perhaps " O'Brien, " the writer and the narrator are not entirely the same person. Unlike O'Brien's work Merely Die within a Combat Area (Box Myself Up and Ship Me Home), The points They Transported is intentionally not an autobiography. Jimmy Get across - A lot more than any other personality, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross needs to deal with the weight of responsibility. All the other soldiers knowledge death and horror, but in reality all appear to take solace in the senselessness of conflict. Because he is in charge of the platoon, however , Jimmy Cross blames himself for each and every soldier's loss of life. Mitchell Sanders - Sanders is one of the most likeable soldiers in the platoon, and the one who makes the greatest impression for the narrator. Sanders is kind, devoted to his fellow soldiers, and possesses a keen sense of justice. He makes his impression in O'Brien by simply serving as the platoon's chief storyteller and tale critic. Consequently, Sanders is a kind of father figure available, guiding the narrator to his personal revelations regarding memory and writing. Kiowa - Kiowa is the narrator's best friend in the platoon, who have dies if the platoon incorrectly camps within a latrine on the banks in the Song Tra Bong. Kiowa's death has greater prominence in the text than his life. When Kiowa really does speak, he could be shown to be a personality of great empathy and intelligence. His death, more than one of the others, speaks of the mindless cruelty of the war. Norman Bowker - Norman Bowker is a peaceful soldier during the war, and we learn that a few years after the war, this individual commits suicide. Bowker represents the damage the characters bring with these people even following your war is finished. His account, particularly his letters...


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