Both women and men have equal rights today since gender equality is a social concern. But in the recent years, psychologist and sociologist have begun to study how men happen to be discriminated against women since there is an aspect of society that discriminates against men. This kind of aspect of world is hard to discuss and to analyze.

We all know that men are literally stronger when women will be more emotionally conscious. Men are excellent providers although women will be better nurturers. We admit the differences between the sexes although nobody can state or confirm who is much better than the other. They compromise/balance each other. The stereotype that man is favored many than females maybe for some reason true whenever we look on the trends with this society. Nevertheless feminism may well have their right to insist they can do better than men. For all of us, the main issue is how are we persons contributes to become a good citizen in our contemporary society. Equality on men and women would still be a problem till the next generation, and quarrels would be on mentioned by everybody. The best which can be hoped for is the fact people are happy. Neither guys nor girls need to be equal in order to be pleased with each other. Sexuality issue continues to be excited matter to our contemporary society. Arguments have been completely hovering more than people upon whom between men and women are the fantastic and should get credit. We believe that the politically-correct aim for equal rights between men and women is certainly not achievable. This surely can be impossible. It can never be found, it will hardly ever be found out. The hunt for equality between men and women can be described as never-ending warfare, because the two genders claim that they are a lot better than the different. Nowadays, features of women cannot be hindered. Men should prize their work and accomplishments that had taken nearly two hundreds of years to achieve and a life time being granted the acceptance of men. They are starting to beat men with regards to leadership; an evidence are those female presidents from other countries. Women who have...


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