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The Nokia and Samsung korea Brand Individuality in


Wendian Shi1**, Yanhong Luo2 and Liheng Yang2

Educational School, Shanghai in china Normal College or university, shanghai, Chinese suppliers


Educational School, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, China


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The goal of this paper is to research and evaluate the brand

individuality of Nokia and Samsung in Chinese language situation for

brand building reference. This kind of paper looked into Nokia and

Samsung manufacturer personality. Outcomes demonstrated that

Nokia brand persona has four dimensions (Sureness,

Reliability, Flexibility, Peacefulness), and Samsung features three

measurements (Competence, Sophistication, Agility). The

absence of Stability supports the implication of several

studies that Ruggedness is known as a culture-specific element of United States in comparison with east country. Ease of access and accessibility to data would be the main limitations for application in the future. This kind of paper gives a new way of optimum

choice which used example of Nokia and Korean. The

conventional paper is directed at HR and psychological persons, especially

individuals who deal with persons and provides very useful advice

for team managing in companies.


Company Personality; Brand building; Elements; Mathematical



While markets continue to mature and competition inside

industries increases fiercer, corporations will not do well

purely on such basis as what services or products they

offer (Keller & Richey, 2006). The manufacturers of

many of the world's leading brands expend an excellent

deal of effort putting personality within their brands

since brand individuality can be an essential tool in

differentiating a brandname from its competition

(Aaker, 1997), and strong and differentiated brands

considerably enhance organization performance (Colucci,

Montaguti, & Lago, 2008; Madden, Fehle, & Fournier,

2006; Warlop, Ratneshwar, & van Osselaer, 2005).

Brand personality has been defined as the set of

human being personality traits which might be both appropriate to

and relevant to brands' (Azoulay & Kapferer, 2003).


Nationwide Natural Technology Fund of China(31160201)

** Corresponding creator, Email: [email protected] edu. cn


Plummer (1984; 2000) argued that brand character

might be vital in understanding brand choice.

Without a doubt, at a time by which consumers consider product

top quality as a provided and rivals can easily replicate

product characteristics, a strong manufacturer identity and

personality will be invaluable to develop brand equity (van

Rekom, Jacobs, & Verlegh, 2006). Nokia manufacturer and

Samsung brand list among the three highest selling

mobile phone brands, and the advertising quantity of

Nokia mobile phone much more than Samsung. The

target of the research is to study and compare the

brand personality of Nokia and Samsung korea for brand

building reference.

The work done by Markham (1972) was one of many

earliest to introduce thinking about using a persona

scale to analyze and evaluate a set of businesses. One of

one of the most systematic and influential research about

company personality scale in recent years have been

developed by Jennifer Aaker (1997). The basic goal

of Jennifer Aaker's research was to create a valid and

reliable level that could be utilized worldwide to measure

the rand name personality. By using a strenuous set of

types of procedures, she produced and examined a brand

persona scale with 42 personality traits and five

major individuality dimensions, known as Sincerity,






The scale recommended by Jennifer Aaker (1997) was

even more expanded by Jennifer Aaker et al. (2001)






personalities in Japan and Spain, which includes both

practical and representational functions. The results revealed

that a pair of " manufacturer personality” dimensions are

popular among both Japan and the United States (Sincerity,

Enjoyment, Competence, and...

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