A history of Fashion & Costume

Fashion & Costume

Costume has developed for hundreds of years, the most obvious brand of division is a male and feminine dress. The Greeks plus the Romans wore tunics that happen to be similar to dresses. In this period the garments may have a covered detail unique masculine or feminine. The trend history upon ancient Greece has been encouraged by the Ancient greek vases, cooking pots and sculptures. The Ancient greek language and Aventure would use fabrics like silk and linen.

Old Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a very warm climate, the costumes were often white because white displays the sun which can be cooler put on. The ancient Egyptian ladies with higher class use wigs they may be made out of human hair or animal frizzy hair. They dressed in wigs since they had to guard there minds from the sun, they were likewise feminine to get the upper category women and got unique models such as beading and braiding that even now goes on to this kind of present day. Silk garments had been a good quality for hundreds of years the Egyptians woven organic cotton. Animal skins had been worn by priest and pharaohs. Production the garments was mostly the women's job and mainly done in the home, the training courses were operate by the males. The important textile was bed and bath which manufactured from flax.

Luxurious Couture

Luxurious couture can be described as French phrase for substantial fashion. Couture means hand-made dress producing sewing and needle operate. Haute means elegant and high. You will find famous premium designers in France and are a huge success to this day just like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Gucci. Depending on the fashion design house and the garment the fashion item will start from ВЈ10, 000. A Chanel couture suit in 2002 may have ВЈ20, 500 by 2005 an evening dress would cost ВЈ50, 500 or more. The reason why these clothes are high is because of the name, appearance of the uncommon design and the finest quality in fabrics.


Fashion reflects on peoples individuality every individual has a different style. There are numerous...


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