Ethnography of the Gola People


The Gola tribe of Liberia is located in the north-western area of the nation and is consisting of by around 107, 1000 people (Vriens). Although there are no distinct all-natural physical characteristics unique towards the tribe, the Gola persons can typically be identified by their various tribal markings; most of that happen to be acquired throughout the transitional period from the child years to adult life. The Desfiladero people frequently have dark skin and dark gums, but like many west-Africans, some are mild skinned with pink gums due to the effect of went back American slaves, who were the first African American settlers near your vicinity. Gola folks are fairly normal in height. The ladies normally range between 5'2” and 5'6'', and the guys average among 5'8” and 6' (Vriens).

American impact

The Garganta people have a rich and vibrant tradition. They are a proud and passionate population group, recognized as strong and loyal a warrior. When the Americo-Liberian settlers first landed in Liberia in 1822 as being a solution pertaining to American politics and religious leaders regarding where to transfer Africans that had been brought to America as slaves, it was the Gola individuals who initially opposed their affect and make an effort to take over the. As a result of the Gola's warring skills, the Americo-Liberians recognized it was in their best interest to befriend this kind of tribe rather than wage war against. The Americo-Liberians began selecting Gola people in their homes and fields. After the Americo-Liberians began to take those Gola people into their homes, they soon began to buy education for these people. Since then, the Gola individuals have grown accustom to the privilege of education, and as a result education is anxious in the Desfiladero community, especially for the boys (Johnson-Sirleaf 112). Gola foodstuff is comparable to meals in the American south resulting from the Americo-Liberians bringing the Gola people to their homes to work as cooks....

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