The Fear with the Unknown

In the alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago's best obstacle is definitely overcoming his fear of the unknown. While the youngster goes to the ticket booth to buy a ticket to The african continent, he involves the realization, " In the event he sold just one of his sheep, however have enough to reach the additional shore in the strait. The idea frightened him. ” (26). Santiago is usually fearful because he doesn't know very well what will happen in the event he leaves. He is aware of his lamb and the countries of Andalusia, but would not know what will certainly occur if he leaves what this individual knows to get the vast mysterious wilderness to achieve his own legend. The alchemist would like the youngster to understand, " If a person is living out his own Legend, he knows almost everything he should know. There is only one issue that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” (141). Santiago must acknowledge the fact that he will not let anxiety about what this individual cannot carry out affect what he can perform. Also, he or she must not permit fear impair his wisdom of what his heart thinks. He does not really know what will happen therefore he fears of what cannot be predicted. Locating a way to manage with his fear of the unknown is a regular challenge pertaining to Santiago. Though he knows he should pursue his own legend in to the desert, Santiago has second thoughts when " This individual reminds himself that he previously been a shepherd, and that he could be a shepherd again. Fatima was more important than his treasure” (95). The boy debates if he should leave the oasis with all the alchemist to satisfy his personal tale or stick with his love Fatima. He can scared as they does not know what will be the outcome of their marriage if this individual leaves Fatima. He problems if their appreciate will last even if they aren't together. He could be afraid for taking the risk because he won't know the dimensions of the result until he comes back. The boy has many obstructions on his voyage but finding a way to deal with his fear of the unidentified is a continuous challenge intended for Santiago throughout the book.


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