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SOC 315

Sept 9, 2013

Media Reaction

There has been a whole lot of news lately focused around the topic of immigration and undocumented individuals in the United States. With that said , it was very hard trying to find one particular media resource that would have plenty of fresh information that we didn't know and some i did find out. Illegal migrants has always been present in the United States. Truly, the first law the fact that United States acquired against any person entering was your fact that they will didn't let convicts or perhaps prostitutes to the country. See how we had a ton of immigrants to come from different countries and arrive at Ellis Island. By 1892 till 1954 Ellis Island admitted over 12 million legal immigrants. Since then the United States put quotas on how many persons can migrate to the country. Illegal Migrants started to become mare like a " looked-at problem” later on in the twentieth century. According to an End Illegal migrants group, " Today, more than one million immigrants enter our country each year, while the illegitimate alien population grows by about five hundred thousands of per year. (2011)”. As I published above, the usa have attempted to control the masses of migrants that have attempted to come across the borders of America; but you may be wondering what kind of observance do we include in place to regulate all of the areas that can be crossed? Politically that is a constant trouble of chosen officials. We know that we are not able to do mass deportations and that we can't control every inches of the United States region. Presidents and congress are attempting their most difficult to think of new ideas or perhaps improve on old ones to have the border control situation underneath what it's supposed to be, manageable. An article that I read via US Information is proclaiming that " Why, then, have we had so many Latina immigrants, quite a few illegal? For the reason that apparatus of state provides proved weaker than industry forces: The INS (now CIS) plus the understaffed Line Patrol have already been...

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