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Course: OC1 Writing

Instructor: Matt Devlin

Time: April twenty-one, 2011

Youngsters Curfews: Safety or Consequence

Should teens have a night curfew? Within the last several years, to be able to reduce teen crime and protect teenagers' security, youth curfews are widely used in the United States. More than 300 towns have got passed the area curfew laws which give local law enforcement officials and expert the power to order young people under 18years old to stay at home during specific several hours unless supervised by a responsible adult (Raymond, 2010). For instance , in one of the towns, people below 18 include a curfew from eleven: 00 p. m. to daybreak. Lately, the idea of enabling governments establish curfew laws and regulations for young adults has become a controversial issue in our society. Even though some people believe youth curfews violate teens' rights, which includes freedom of peaceful set up and the directly to travel, there is a great deal of facts showing that establishing children curfews may reduce teens' crime rates, shield vulnerable children and create a safer community. (THESIS STATEMENT) To begin with, junior curfews can reduce key juvenile crime rates such as physical violence, drug and alcohol mistreatment by keeping young adults off roadways (TOPIC SENTENCE). People against youth curfews argue that curfews do not basically work. That they indicate that there is no immediate link between juvenile criminal offense and the enforcement of youth curfew laws. Actually, getting in the street or perhaps in unsupervised locations later at night generally expose young adults to alcohol and drug abuse. A number of statistics show that a majority of teen criminal offenses and substance abuse often come about between twelve p. m. to a couple of a. meters. One of the illegitimate drugs which can be widely used amongst young people is referred to as club-drug. A large number of youths at the age of 12 to 17 possess used this drug at night golf clubs (Samhsa, 2011). Most of the the younger generation could turn into addicted to prescription drugs and liquor if they...

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