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Viktoria Angeline Deb. Santillan

Ediana Frances Lagasca

Carl Frederick Guadalupe

Steven Patrick Velasco

James Frederick Mangabang


A form of hibiscus, the gumamela blossom grows widely in the Philippines as an industrious flower. It's not only grown for uses as a coloring, poultice and diuretic, it also serves as a helpful and great smelling ingredient in soaps, creams and fragrances. Knowing how for making perfume from gumamela is not a difficult effort that requires the use of very few elements. A home made gumamela scent gives you a feminine and floral fragrance to wear for any occasion. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is considered to have a number of medical uses in Chinese herbology. In the Thailand, the gumamela (local term for hibiscus) is used by simply children as part of a bubble-making pastime. The flowers and leaves are crushed until the sticky state of mind come out. Hollow papaya sections are in that case dipped in to this and used as straws pertaining to blowing bubbles. Since a lot of people cannot afford ordering expensive perfumes, the researcher decides to create a substitute parfum like the gumamela perfume. Additionally it is very affordable and easy to do. In some manner, gumamela bouquets are also environment friendly because there are no harmful chemical substances added that may harm environmental surroundings.


Statement with the Problem: Will the fragrance via gumamela work in making a perfume?

Objective/s: To determine in case the gumamela bouquets are effective elements in making a perfume.

Speculation: The aroma from gumamela will be successful in making a perfume.

Value of the analyze:

This kind of perfume rewards the following:

1 ) Girls -- They don't need anymore to buy any kind of expensive fragrances for applying in their body system...



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