Law has always been of great fascination to me. My personal curiosity of the subject stems from younger years which consisted of frequent sessions to the Courthouse in Dublin to see my personal Uncle and Aunt, a barrister and high court judge correspondingly, in action. Ever since then I have sensed drawn to a life of in the legal system. Information I received at a careers open day My spouse and i attended in fifth 12 months outlined the modern skills I might acquire and vast career opportunities obtainable following a level in regulation. This proved for me that the career in law was imminent.

Clinical Law (BCL Clinical) was my 1st preference on my CAO app. I was offered my second decision and approved Bachelor of Civil Law in UCC (BCL). Throughout my level, I have been confronted with a wide range of regulation modules. Certain aspects of my own course e. g. welfare law, human rights legislation, public international law steered my interest toward the human rights and justice part of law. I was particularly enthusiastic about diplomatic immunity for example , how the Middle for Constitutional Rights can be dedicated to taking former Chief executive Bush to justice for the self applied of two victims whom filed legal complaints against him. My interest in these subjects can be followed up simply by reading periodicals and articles or blog posts as well as attending various conferences. Last Oct, I joined the 10th Annual Man Rights Conference organised by the Law Society of Ireland and the Irish Man Rights Commission payment in Dublin. Anna Austin texas of the Western Court of Human Rights spoke of recent situations in the ECHR in relation to individual rights in prison. We realised the challenges and rewards of any life in the field of human rights and transition justice and it was at this moment that I began to consider a job in the field.

In February 2011, I went on an EUROPEAN UNION trip with eleven of my classmates. We travelled to Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France browsing European Parliament, European The courtroom of Rights, United Nations European Headquarters as well as the European...


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