Arnold Abramson and Firm is a regional accounting organization, with offices in Michigan and north Wisconsin. It was founded in 1934 to supply auditing and tax companies and, in spite of the depression, was immediately good due to the economic growth of the spot. The the southern area of of¬fices of Arnold Abramson and Company, in Flint and Of detroit, competed directly with the significant, national CPA firms, the " Big Five. " They were able to operate effectively until the mid-1960s by providing even more personalized companies and by asking somewhat reduce fees. Yet , com¬petition sharply increased in the late 1960s and early 1971s as the tax laws and regulations became more complicated, the auditing procedures more rigorous, and the bookkeeping more automated. The " Big Five" organizations were able, through their comprehensive training programs and their continual staff upgrades, to provide more extensive support and help their clients on tax changes and data digesting pro¬cedures. Most of the small and medium-sized companies that were customers of Arnold Abramson for years changed to one of the national companies. It was ultimately necessary to close the Detroit office and also to reduce the scale the staff at Flint. A few of the partners from the company suggested a combination with one of many national CPA firms, but the founder, Mister. Arnold Abramson, was not only still living but was even now active, and he and his two daughters were stubborn in their competitors to any sale or combination.

The old lady was 84 when I became a member of the organization, and he simply has not been going to surrender to Arthur Andersen or perhaps Price Waterhouse. And, you understand, he had a point; there is area left in the world for the more personal approach, actually in auditing. The old gentleman was adamant regarding this. I understand that at the partners' dinner this year he set it on the line to the other people of the organization. " You are to keep your local banking companies, retail stores and manufacturers otherwise you clients; in case you lose your clients to prospects people via Detroit,...


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