п»їThe Rime of the Historical Mariner

The twenty-first century has made a providential change towards the unnatural outlook on life. Such as the books we read as well as the things all of us watch on tv. Supernatural psychic readings and writings can date back many years, a good example would be; " The Rime of the Historical Mariner” authored by Samuel The singer Coleridge. The supernatural elements in this poem include the presence of the Albatross, the behavior of the dead, and also the appearance from the spirits.

Colridge wrote, " At length performed cross an Albatross/ Through the fog that came” (line 63-64) The Albatross was thought to be a fantastic sea chicken that helped bring forth good luck to the dispatch that the Mariner and his sociable unit rode in. Yet would you consider the historical Mariner killed the Albastross, the parrot of good good fortune. The shipmates were not pleased at the actions the Matros had considered because this supposed bad luck on their behalf from now on. However the bird was more than just a " great omen, ” it created mist and fog to camouflage these people from the ghost ship, which makes it to in which it didn't want to see all of them. The fowl flapping it is wings represented the air flow they were getting to keep them moving to stay in front of the ghost deliver, so once the wings ended flapping the breeze stopped.

Another manifestation of the great in this poem was the woman-spirit and her death companion. The Mariner said, " Is that a death? And are also there two? Her lip area were reddish, her appears were free, Her tresses were as yellow as gold: Her skin was as white as leprosy” (line 88-92) What the Matros really observed was a supernatural entity simply because there was no woman in the team and all the shipmates were dead.


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