Archetypes in Superstar Wars

Fill in the blanks with the accurate information.

Color Archetypes

|Character Name |Color(s) |Meaning | |Luke Skywalker |White |Youth, innocence, untouched by world | | |Gold/yellow/brown |Comfortable in his universe/world | |Jawas, sandpeople |Brown |Identify together with the land | |Luke's Uncle |Brown |Belongs to the property; comfortable with this. | |Luke's Aunt |Brown |Part with the land; secure on it | | |Blue |Peacemaker among Luke and Uncle | |Obi Received Kenobi |Brown |In harmony with the galaxy; in touch with the land | |C3PO |Gold, brass, yellow |Protocol, purpose; seems depressed, but always hopes for | | | |the finest | |R2D2 |Blue lashes |Peaceful | | |Red light |Passionate about his duty | |Darth Vadar |Black |Evil, sinister, clever, knowledge of The Force | |Princess Leia |White |Innocence, purity of purpose, many advantages | |storm troopers |White |Not entirely evil-following requests | | |Black |Death, destruction, fear | |Han Solo |black vest, light shirt |Smuggler(bad), but allows Luke(good) | | |blue pants/red stripe |Secure in self; excited about beliefs | |Alderon (planet) |Blue (looks much like Earth) |Peaceful planet; they may have no weapons | |Darth Vadar's lumination sabre |Red |War, violence, violence, death, blood | |Obi Won's light sabre |Blue |Peace; " Pertaining to 1000 generations…Jedis guardians of peace | | | |before the Empire. ”

Amount Archetypes

|Number |Explanation | |7 |Lead characters-Luke, Obi Won, Han, Leia, Chewbaka, C3PO, R2D2-represent order and | | |good...


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