Reflecting Paper

MTH 157

This summer 2, 2013

Gina Loscalzo

Evan Schwartz

Reflective Paper2

Math for Fundamental Teachers II is the second part in a two component series. The mathematical concepts that were centered on throughout the second part of Math for General Teachers were on way of measuring, geometry, probability, and info analysis. Much like part one of Math to get Elementary Professors, part two also talk about the relationship of the course concepts to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Specifications for K-8 instruction. The first two weeks of this training course, the main principles that were discovered was data analysis and probability. When ever learning about info analysis, A Problem Solving Method to Mathematics intended for Elementary School Teachers taught pupils that info analysis may be the measures of Central Trend, Statistics, and Variation. During data examination students as well reviewed that different ways data can be provided; bar charts, circle graphs, line charts, or scatter plots. Likelihood taught theorem and forest diagrams/geometry possibilities. Both of these mathematical concepts were cover during chapters 9 and twelve of A Solving problems Approach to Math for Elementary School Teachers. The mathematical principles covered during week three and four was Summary of Geometry. Over these two weeks, the concepts of geometry that have been covered had been; angles, basic notation, angles in three dimensions, and polygons. These mathematical ideas of geometry were covered throughout chapter 11.

Reflective Daily news 3

Numerical concepts protected during week five and six was Applications of Angles. During these a couple weeks, the main ideas of application of geometry that had been taught were rotational proportion, lines of symmetry, similar triangles, comparable

numbers, lines and linear equations, tessellation habits, translations, rotations, reflections, and...

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