Name: ________________

Units being unfaithful & twelve

Unit on the lookout for: Critical Motor vehicle Systems

Term: ____________


After reading about the maintenance and security of your automobile in Device 9, make sure you answer the next questions in complete sentences, using appropriate spelling and grammar. Which will car system or feature listed in Unit 9 do you think is most significant? Becoming acquainted with your vehicle

Why is that particular feature essential?

the reason why My answer is that is because how can you drive an automobile and not understand how it works or perhaps what the parts are called, you need to understand your vehicle

How do you take advantage of that feature?

It helps me personally understand wherever certain this of the automobile is at.

Unit 10: Writing the Road with Others

Ceases and Starts: Reflect on Device 10 and the entire training course. Look back at your log entries. Once explaining, you should answer in complete content, using right spelling and grammar. Getting the Driver:

Stops: Using the data learned through this course, brand three things you will not perform when generating.




Explain for what reason you will not perform these things when driving.

1 . Because it is a safety hazard and i also have to be mindful of others around me Starts: Using the data learned in this course, name three tasks you will have when generating. 1 . Be aware of my natural environment

installment payments on your Not velocity

3. ensure I have my own seat belt about

Explain how come you will perform these particular points when driving. 1 . Since I are keeping the street safe basically do these things and keeping myself and others safe

Using as a Passenger:

Write about a very important factor you will end doing being a passenger.

1 . Talking to the driver and distracting them.

Come up with one thing you will start undertaking as a traveling.

1 . Assisting the driver in the event they need anything at all like replace the music stop


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