" Reflection Composition on Global Citizenship Class”

This Global nationality has broadened my knowledge while opening my eyes to a few of the atrocities that are taking place in the world today. To place some of these clashes into perspective I have arrive to realize over the last 15 years in the Congo alone that 7 to 8 mil people have died which is equivalent to the entire nation of Haiti. This is also several plus more Jews then Hitler is said to obtain killed in WW2 but it does not receive the media focus it warrants. I have learned about children being breast ironed so they can be not raped because of their size of breasts. Due to this category I have find out about the hvidf?dning children in Africa who also are staying slaughtered in the streets by simply mobs because of the color of their very own skin. I use researched global warming and found that entire islands are disappearing to the sea in India. I likewise now know that 300, 000 children in Haiti by itself are having to go through modern day enslavement! Although I know that many of such conflicts are extremely complex in nature I also have come to think that a standard re-examination of common sense would go a long way in solving several problems. I possess strongly concluded after choosing this category that waking up on a global level need to come from understanding. We have all kind of these concepts built into all of us which are naturally different depending on which portion of the world we could born in to. Many of these tips may seem unquestioned or apparent because of our religious beliefs or traditions but when we begin to look closer, light beer really? The common sense to realize regardless of what traditions we reside in it is wrong to damage an blameless child. The common sense to realize if we usually do not take action right now regarding kinds of living conditions then the future of humanities existence lies in peril. We need to realize that common sense will tell us these types of problems are not really outside of us and we need to act now just before it is inside its final stages. We are not able to look at the mistreatment of...


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