MCD2110: Marketing 2

Buyer Conduct

Assignment 1: Business Report

Product Category: International Airline

— Jetstar Airways & Singapore Airlines

Executive Summary

This statement discusses the between Singapore Airlines and Jetstar. Firstly, a consumer account is designed to show that Singapore Flight companies target the top social course with self-pride needs whilst Jetstar objectives economical buyers with cultural needs. Following, the study of inspiration shows that TANTO and Jetstar consumers are powered by numerous needs – safety, sociable and self-actualization needs. Thereafter, personality can be understood through how basic safety, new spots and top quality in service can affect one's decision making. Also, TANTO placed their advertisements in socialite journals and Jetstar grouped their advertisement of Jetstar having a sunny getaway. This demonstrates that while TANTO gives their very own consumers the perception of any world-class assistance, Jetstar focuses more on the holiday excitement. Their perception can also be distorted through the use of a sophisticated girl in an SIA advertising campaign or the utilization of halo-effect by Jetstar to attract people through cheap fares. Lastly, the use of classical and instrumental health helps consumers to find out more regarding the flight companies. Through duplication and the usage of highly visual images, consumers will better remember the airlines and become encouraged to work with them.


1 . 0 Introduction4

1 . 1 Purpose4

1 . two Scope4

1 ) 3 Methodology4

1 . some Assumption4

1 ) 5 Limitation4

2 . 0 Market Segmentation5

2 . you Segmentation Table5

2 . two Description of Market Segment5

3. 0 Motivation6

three or more. 1 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs6

three or more. 2 Confident and negative motivation theory7

3. a few Rational and emotional motivation: 7

some. 0 Personality8

4. you The Big Five Model8

four. 2 Individuality & Customer Behaviour8

4. 3 Self Concept9

5. 0 Perception9

5. you Absolute Threshold9

5. two Differential Threshold10

5. a couple of Perceptual Organisation11

5. a few Distorting Influences12

5. some Perceived Risk13

6. zero Learning13

6th. 1 Behavioural Learning Theory – Traditional Conditioning13 6th. 2 Time-honored Conditioning13

six. 3 Cognitive Learning14

six. 4 Instrumental Conditioning16

six. 0 Conclusion16

8. 0 Reference List17

1 . 0 Introduction

1 ) 1 Goal

The purpose of this report is always to identify and discuss about the wide inner feature of the customers of the intercontinental airline marketplace with specific relevance to Jetstar and Singapore Flight companies. 1 . a couple of Scope

This report looks at the flight service market sector with Australia. The reviewing time period is between the years 2150 to 2012. 1 . three or more Methodology

The data and data referred in this report can be gathered via academic periodicals, reports and relevant websites (IBIS, Business Source Finish etc . ) and textbooks as well. 1 ) 4 Presumption

This statement is thought to be correct, basing on up-to-date and valid information. 1 . your five Limitation

The difficulty, expense, and inconvenience in gathering principal data have limited this report to the use of secondary data. Furthermore, the term limit of two, 000 terms restricts the detail and depth that could be reported.

installment payments on your 0 Marketplace Segmentation

2 . 1 Segmentation Table

Consumer Profiling


Singapore Airlines



18 to thirty five ( Style Y )

30 to 50 ( Gen Times )

Education Status

High school graduation & Level


Marital Status

Sole & Married



Lifestyle personal preferences







( Value-based, cheap )

( Position, prestige )

Personality Conduct



( Make an effort new tips )

( More established )

Brand Character

Excitement/ Durable


Physique 1 . Client profile of Jetstar and Singapore Flight companies 2 . two Description of Market Section

This client profile displays the...


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