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Examining The Poor Love Poem Results in Shakespeare's ‘Sonnet 18' Shakespeare's " Sonnet 18” is a poor love poem because it is exaggerative and/or more than romantic, conceited, and undescriptive. Firstly, Shakespeare is over loving and exaggerative, he flatters this person an excessive amount of when he says, " But thy timeless love summer shall not fade”, which shows the reader that Shakespeare is exaggerating the individual's life, which he says can never end and everybody else's will die anyway like it should certainly. Furthermore, William shakespeare is undescriptive: " Shall I compare thee to a summer's time? ” Even though Shakespeare will compliment your husband saying that your woman and/or he's better than summer time, he would not give enough details about the person's looks or perhaps their personality which makes it ambiguous about who have this person is usually. It almost leaves an unsolved mystery in the readers' head. Last but not least, the poem is usually conceited. William shakespeare writes just how creative an author he is, just how amazing the poem this individual has written is but not really exactly about the person. As an example, when Shakespeare writes: " When in eternal lines to period thou growest…so long lives and gives lifestyle to thee. ” This kind of shows that William shakespeare is very sure that his composition will live on for a long time which is sure that his words will not fade or perhaps be neglected and thus provides life to this person and therefore makes him sound packed with himself. To summarize, although many persons say " Sonnet 18” is a great appreciate poem, this could be argued and is said that it is a poor appreciate poem because so many of the lines in the composition are conceited, undescriptive, more than romantic or perhaps too exaggerative. Works Reported

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