Nature is one which exists outside of all man constructs and limitations, and illuminates a very important reality in the world. When considering Pablo Neruda's human body of work, a clear thematic focus on nature can be viewed. Many of his poems reference the all-natural, untouched universe. This is a thematic accommodement to the over-structured, artificial nature of man culture. Using nature symbolically within these poems enables a clear differentiation to be sketched between the real and the unnatural, and talks to the flaws that Neruda sees inside society. This individual brings to the reader's attention the value of instinctual behavior and emotion, as well as the natural qualities of humans, women specifically, and the sociable constraints through which all people are sure. His disapproval and call intended for change is usually apparent. Neruda's use of organic symbolism within just Walking Around and I Crave Your Mouth, Your Words, Your Hair demonstrates several separate issues of superficiality vs . reality,

The composition I Demand Your Mouth, The Voice, Your Hair serves as an outstanding demonstration of the divide from the real versus the superficial. Organic imagery can be used within this composition to demonstrate that the girl in question supersedes the artificial constructs of society. " Your hands the color of a fierce, ferocious harvest, as well as hunger intended for the light stones of the fingernails” is usually an apparent example of this kind of natural symbolism. Within this composition the female is definitely portrayed while raw and real, some nature, instead of a part of the society that humans have created. Neruda uses similes and metaphors to draw this kind of comparison, illustrating her worth and electricity within the community and after him. Through his stylistic choices, this individual demonstrates just how his fascination, his need for this female, is not merely superficial and lustful, as she their self is some thing greater than what society allows. Although over the poem the woman's physical features are illustrated as the attractive aspects of her, it can be clear that it is not in...

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