Diana Shropshire

Student IDENTIFICATION: 23277643

Expert of Business Administration -- 12

Institutional Costs intended for the Academic Yr 3/14/2015 -- 5/28/2015

Financing: (877)221-5800, Option 4

Office environment: 877-701-3800

Day: 6/20/2014

$0. 00

Expenses based on the expected registration status intended for the academic yr: Tuition and costs

$0. 00

Estimated Grant and Scholarship " GIFT” Aid

$0. 00

Based on the knowledge you presented on your 2014-15 FAFSA you may not qualify for grants or scholarships. To learn more about federal, state and/ or institutional gift help, please contact a Financial Aid Consultant.

Median Funding

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Aggregate Limit

Remaining Educational Year Institutional Costs

$0. 00

Academics year institutional costs less estimated gift aid:

$0. 00

Believed Sources To Pay Remaining Costs

$0. 00

A student's membership and enrollment to borrow from the National

Direct financial loan program is usually capped at the aggregate loan

limit set by the Department of Education. It is

important to monitor your asking for in marriage

to your limitations.

Federal Aggregate Limits


Subsidized and


Graduate student



$138, 500. 00

$65, 500. 00

$0. 00

$0. 00

Your Loans

Total Financial loans

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lent as of 5/22/2014. For a current aggregate

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institution after 5/22/2014 (including the amounts

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Education loan Default Charge for 2009...


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