DBQ: The Mongol Horror, Mongol Peace

In the post classical period, the big picture that is getting projected is the fact

nomadic kingdoms had been at its top apex equally the Mongols. The Mongols

resided on the large steppe royaume of asian central Asia, they also overcome

primarily Eurasia, because seen about document almost 8, were this shows the expansion with this

huge empire, producing trade secure for the first time every along the East to Western

regions of Eurasia. The Mongol secret was many noticeable through the 13th and 14th

century as most of their particular considerable successes were made during

this kind of era. Since their successes were made all along Eurasia, the reactions

of settled societies in response to Mongol expansion in Eurasia during the thirteenth

and 14th decades, depended on the interactions they'd with the Mongolico

Empire, such as those from The european union and the Islamic world. There have been settled

societies whom interacted straight with the Mongols, which acquired mostly positive

reactions than those resolved societies whose interactions are not as great as

those who performed having negative points of look at for the Mongols.

Mongols dominated relating to their relationship. While in the record of

Marco Punta (Document 2) reporting in the travels through Persia, this shows the

appreciation he had to get the Mongols for pacifying trade. As he praised the

Mongols, it is to have into considerations that his point of view was biased as

he had worked intended for the Ilkhanate of Persia and served as a warlord therefore he

saw the Mongols with value and compliment. Document 4 also shows how William

of Rubrick from France, admires the not simply the structural designs or perhaps how the

palace for the Khan is structured, but he mostly perceives all the different people

that surround this area which is Karakorum were persons form distinct places

come and assemble and trade various ideas and crops. His reaction was clearly

favorable towards the Mongol expansion. Unlike this two documents, document 1

reveals different reactions to the Mongol expansion. Record 1, which is from

a Franciscan envoy to the ВЁGreat KhanВЁ, trying to convert Mongols to

Christianity, the reaction that Giovanni sobre Piano Carpini had was obviously a reaction

of surprise due to how they acted relating to who also they interacted with. This individual

respectable how Mongols were and so obedient with their lords and how among them

they care not to take. In the furthermore, when it comes to treat other people,

they become conceited and disrespectful, willing to take from individuals who are not

from the region. He was judgemental to this perceptions. As a result from this envoy,

a year later Guyuk Khan, sent a notice to Pere Innocent IV (document 3)

threathening the Both roman Catholic Chapel that in the event that they would not surrender their

area to all of them they shall declare battle. This reactions were made as a result of

the envoy and letters that were sent to Guyuk Khan that they can ought to be

baptized and be Christians. Guyuk Khan experienced insulted and therefore he

threathened Pere Innocent IV.

In the Islamic world, the reactions too differed in respect to their

interaction together with the Mongols. As seen in the document by simply Ibn al-Atir (document

6), seeing that he was female historian his point of view is considered as biased

and his tone is exagerated in describing the Mongol activities, he also compared

the Mongols as the Antichrist which it reveals how this individual hated the Mongols.

In European countries, settled communities had a completely different aspect of how the

Contrary to this file, document your five is coming from a merchantВґs point of view,

Ibn Bastonata, who is genuinely affected absolutely since the Mongols protected transact

and merchants. Therefore , Battuta areas and worth the Mongols. Although

this documents refer to the Mongols one as wicked and the various other one while admirable,

the notification sent to Hulagu Khan by simply three ShiВґte dignitaries of Baghdad,...


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