In the 14th century, a new social movement referred to as Renaissance began. Young Leonardo Da Vinci constructed a portrait referred to as Mona Lisa. This painting is arguably the most famous portrait of time. Now in the 21st century, a new artist " Abstrk, ” has developed an identical work of art affiliated to the Hireling shepherd known as " Wynwood's Very best. ” With pieces of work containing a similar subject along with different routines, there is no doubt that both of these art contain it can differences and similarities appropriately to their centuries. The differences include the backgrounds, different colors, as well as the way " Mona Lisa, ” is showed.

The Hireling shepherd has it is many insider secrets, but non-e other than it's background and landscape. The surroundings of the Mona Lisa's painting describes the two negative and positive viewpoints on contemporary society during the time of the Renaissance period. To the left in the artwork, signifies a green healthy and balanced environment having a river signaling the peacefulness and harmony of the time period. To the right of the panorama, a dried out wasted land appears which has a bridge. This kind of represents a switch of spirit between good and evil. That foreshadows the period to the moment Medici overtook Florence through tyranny and took over the Pope's location in Italy. In comparison with " Wynwood's Very best, ” it too shows a spiritual battle among evil and good. The angel is intending to entice " Borrachera Loca, ” back from the wraths with the demon and beneath the windows, appears a garden of peace and tranquility. In the current society, really that same type of conflict. We reside in a religious world between God plus the devil as both trying to win the souls of mankind. The morality of this abstract reveals how the satan has nearly completely claimed the life of once-innocent Hireling shepherd. The background shows that those who have gone down to the devil are now captured within the deserts of Egypt. The bottles of liquor suggests that her life has been consumed by simply heavy drinking as well....


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