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Inside the analysis of Moliere's " Tartuffe” and Rousseau's " Confessions” the two works reveal common themes of offense, regret, and denial. This is certainly clearly apparent when dissecting the main character types Tartuffe and Rousseau's character after carrying out their faults. However , the characters compare greatly upon detailed critiques of the diverse themes and how each character's image is usually revealed. Tartuffe and Rousseau each commit acts of crime. Every single character is usually guilty of stealing something for his or her personal gain. However , the moment analyzing their particular actions of theft, there is clear proof of contrast. In " Confessions” Rousseau can be described as mere kid and shop lifts Mlle's ribbons simply because she is the initially name that floats in his mind. When asked how this individual got the ribbon, Rousseau blames the cook. " They asked how I got hold of it. My spouse and i grew baffled, stammered, and said using a blush it had been Marion. ” The fact that Rousseau is actually a child and demonstrates if he is worried when mentioned the bow helps lessen the severity of the offense and helps convenience the burden intended for future forgiveness. This greatly contrasts from Tartuffe who can be described as an shorting hypocrite throughout the play and steals only for personal gain. The face that Tartuffe is actually a grown guy and knows his activities greatly contradicts with Rousseau's childish blunders. Tartuffe displays a heinous crime in contradiction to the trivial criminal offenses of Rousseau. When comparing the aftermath in the crimes, the 2 works fluctuate in the distributed theme, repent. In " Confessions” Rousseau does lay when asked if this individual stole the ribbon, although Rousseau is consistently haunted with this criminal offense throughout his life. " There ended the tranquility of my childish life. From that second I under no circumstances again appreciated pure pleasure. ” Rousseau is feeling so doing small criminal offenses he committed as a child he writes a complete confession, this kind of greatly varies from Tartuffe. When Tartuffe is handcuffed by the expert, Tartuffe shows the same...


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