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MMT2 Job 1 -- Technology Upgrade Proposal

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A – Utilizing SWOT Analysis to Evaluate the Existing THAT Infrastructure Strengths

After examining the background information and data provided in case study, the following were recognized as the advantages of AEnergy's current THIS infrastructure: •

Recent up grade of IT system – In line with the case study AEnergy recently updated its THAT infrastructure by increasing machine storage capacity to allow for the increased demand for methods. This up grade appropriately positions the company with respect to its storage area capabilities ahead of its plans to broaden to the east coast.

Site Interconnectivity – An additional strength of the company's current IT facilities is the network interconnectivity between headquarters plus the company's remote sites making it possible for staff to function and have interaction as if under one roof. This facilitates collaboration and allows the whole IT system to be been able and used from a central area.

Development Status Credit reporting System – Another strength of AEnergy's current THIS infrastructure is a deployment with the production status reporting system. The new program has increased the efficiency with the IT facilities and helped curb the complete cost to operate and maintain the device. By raising system performance the company is able to deliver their services more efficiently and thus can pass the savings on to its customers.

Knowledge and experience of IT office staff – Another power of the business current THIS infrastructure is definitely the expertise with the staff in charge of administering that. The company's THAT department consist of highly educated and qualified individuals who have proven to be capable of running and administering a

MMT2 Activity 1 -- Technology Update Proposal

three or more

robust and dependable THIS infrastructure. Having a highly qualified personnel will be crucial as the organization expands towards the east coastline. AEnergy's THAT staff have got over 80 years of experience between them which will come in handy as they configure, deploy and expand the infrastructure to look after the anticipated growth.

Weak points

The results of the SWOT analysis also revealed parts of weakness in AEnergy's IT infrastructure. The following are some of the weak points identified:

Data Secureness – AEnergy's current THAT infrastructure has its own security features which makes it a fairly robust program. However , the truth study makes no mention of the security process for USB flash drives and other external drives that may be linked by organization employees towards the network system. The case analyze also would not address external drive encryption. With no security process for external hard disks, the company includes a gaping pit in its IT infrastructure which makes it vulnerable to a security breach that can jeopardize the sensitive data stored for the network. Although the company uses location checking to manage the positioning of notebooks and other equipment, securing the information on the drives through travel encryption is vital to ensuring the security of the complete system. This would ensure that even if devices are lost or perhaps stolen, your data on the hard disks would remain secure.

Wireless Protection – AEnergy's current IT infrastructure utilizes WIFI to enable easy and practical connectivity to the network. The organization secures the wireless network through APPLE PC filtering and WAP encryption. MAC filtering ensures that simply authorized gadgets are allowed access to the wireless network. This a crucial first step to wireless

MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal


network security. Yet , reliance about WAP encryption, which is seen to have exploitable vulnerabilities, unwraps the network to potential breaches. The...


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