п»їUsing APA format, the info from this program, and your given readings create a six (6) to eight (10) page paper (excludes cover and reference page) addressing the application of the nursing jobs process into a patient care scenario. Employ these guidelines and the rating rubric whenever you develop the paper. Traces and abstracts are NOT required with this kind of paper. Tend not to include the circumstance in the conventional paper

A minimum of 3 (3) current professional sources must be supplied excluding a nursing medical diagnosis book. Current references consist of professional guides or valid and current websites old within five (5) years. Additionally , a textbook that is certainly no more than 1 (1) model old can also be used. Do not use abbreviations…write away everything.

The paper involves three (3) parts:

1 . The meaning and use of the nursing process in making great nursing decision that impact patient proper care. 2 . The development of a plan of care using the nursing process for a particular patient situation. 3. The preparation stage for a instructing plan to stop a repeat of a identical situation.

The following sheet will help you when ever composing the program of maintain the conventional paper: Overview of the Nursing Procedure.

Part 1 (3-4 pages)

Review the mandatory readings regarding the medical process. In your words, determine each step from the process and give an example for every step.

In the implementation stage, what is intended by direct and indirect care as described by Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) project?

Go over the three (3) types of nursing surgery (nurse-initiated, centered, and interdependent) that pertains to the patient attention situation. Provide an example of each (refer to your textbook).

Make clear how the medical process offers the basis intended for the rn to make a nursing jobs judgment that results in secure patient care with great outcomes.

Go over how the registered nurse evaluates the entire use of the nursing procedure. Identify 3 (3) variables...


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