The current Art Activity evolved about the turn of the late 1800's through the turn of the 20th century, towards the late 1900's. Visual Artwork in Traditional western society relocated from naturalism to abstraction during this time, and emphasis was placed on the style Elements and Principles rather than representation. Modern day Art was influenced by invention of Photography since it freed performers from the restrictions of realistic look.

Teacher's Notes:

" The Sunbaker”, 1939, Max Dupain.


Greatest extent Dupain's picture is a documented style image which has become an Australian Icon. The image represents almost all we believe is usually associated with the sun kissed Aussie. This is certainly a peaceful image of the strong created Adonis, comfortable, if not commanding in his environment, laying in the sun. The identity, we could left in no doubt, can be masculine. The composition and framing demonstrate ‘beautiful chiselled body' ruling the landscape, in a care free, effortless manner. The is symbolized as a accurate document of life, a day to day scene captured on Dupain's Rolliflex. In true Modernist style Dupain has used the complete frame for this image which in turn also emphasises the ‘truth' behind this kind of image. The black and light fine materials film gives us a ‘true reality' and once again reinforces the concept that this is actually a ‘natural' picture. The Sunbaker has run out of the surf and flopped straight down in the crushed stone, Dupain was there to capture this ‘moment in time'. The beans of drinking water from the water are still sparkling on the sunbaker's skin. Dupain has carefully composed the using the design and style elements and principles to ensure the focal point from the image is the triangular shape of the man which in turn emphasises the sensation of strength and prosperity of his physique. The lower camera perspective and triangle composition all work to generate a well balanced, great looking image.

The Sunbather, No a couple of, Anne Zahalka

Bea Zahalka's photo is a highly constructed art which makes simply no attempt to encourage...


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