Case Study 2

Marriott International

Hazel Blubaugh



In 1927 M. Willard Marriot and his partner, Alice exposed a root beer wait in Washington Deb. C., the Shoppe. They served tamales, chili, and tacos throughout the winter months. In 1929 Popular Shoppes was incorporated in Delaware as Hot Shoppes Inc. Warm Shoppes went public in 1953. Marriot's first resort, the Double Bridges Marriot was likewise opened in Arlington, Va. In 1966 Marriot attained an air travel catering kitchen in Caracas, Venezuela which makes it Marriot's initially international enlargement. In 1967 Marriot became known as Marriot Organization. By adding various other in 1971, Farrell's ice cream shops in 1972 and two idea parks close to Chicago and San Francisco in 1976, Marriot Corporation started to be a billion dollars dollar company. Marriot Intercontinental was segregated from the business in Mar of 98 and offered off the senior living facilities in 2002 to be able to focus business on leisure time lodging. In 2005, the Ramada Foreign hotels had been sold by simply Marriott to Cendant Motel Group and continue to opportunity into upscale lodging and business through alliances and joint endeavors and complicite. J. Watts Marriot, the son of J. Willard took over CEO in 1972. DIFFICULTY STATEMENT

Will Marriott need to restructure their particular strategy to cover the requires of low income markets? Also, if he or she focus even more on their intercontinental business instead of rely on their strength of the industry in the U. S.?



1 . Environmental and friends and family oriented

2 . Decreased cost of property in the United States; Costs have decreased due to economic depression. 3. Eco-Tourism: Providing environmentally sustainable hotels to attract specific customers. 5. Move into Cookware market, there have been an increase in the Asian travel and travel and leisure market. 5. Franchising: there is opportunity for the Marriott to enhance its franchises in the several countries over the world. THREATS

1 . Vulnerability to...


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