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Appendix B

Final Project Critique

My Theme: What is the objective of existence?

| My Notes:

Principle Issues of My Topic| The principle issue of my topic is figuring out what it means to exist and why must we can be found. | Sagesse Related to My own Topic| Descartes has a philosophy related to the subject in which this individual responds " I think therefore I am”. | Misconceptions Regarding My Topic|

My Viewpoint Up To This Point on My Topic| I suppose if perhaps one discusses the purpose of our lives the same as every animals about this earth, you should persevere and keep the species alive, to reproduce and survive, to keep on existing, and live for 'one's' young getting into the world.

It seems we have advanced in such a way that 'greed' comes to the forefront, and the large picture, it is person eat person financially and georgraphically, hence the greediest and many powerful ought to survive, and do, and the abject and weakened and poor, suffer.

We should be happy and enjoy our existence, and I picture from every single one's vantage point, all of us do, since we choose to do what we do pertaining to our own benefit, to satisfy ourselves, and have foodstuff on the table, and own 'things'. В | My personal Questions and Concerns About My Topic| I want to have following wuestions answered: Where did all of us come from? Why are we here?

Wherever will we all go once we die?

Evolution: is it true or false?

Can we have a calling? Does the existence of mankind possess a point? Where we the result of Random possibility?

What makes it that only humans need a purpose of existence?

Do different living animals have a purpose of lifestyle?

In terms of existence, perform all living things share something in common? They have no goal?


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