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There are many elements that make up my personal health. Some factors can be bad or great. These factors are neurological, social, behavioral, political and environmental. These kinds of ecological elements are i think what form our health. All of these factors influence my life on an almost daily basis and are required for keep in mind. Later the ability to be healthy, many people just have to operate a little harder than others have to do. I think that biological factors are among the most critical factors related to my personal health. Diet plan is an important element, I always try to eat healthful when I can but it is a lot more convenient just to go in the drive through at McDonalds. Physical activity is another factor, I try to retain an active way of life, and I see a gym to weight coach and manage around days a week. In terms of illness and injury move as factors, I recently acquired surgery to fix a torn ligament within my wrist, although besides i like to think that I are healthy general with no serious illness. Sanitation is actually a big component, I like to consider myself a clean person, and so that lowers my own chance of receiving sick via germs and bacteria. There are numerous social elements that can impact a person health. For example if you have bad living conditions you are more vunerable to illness that may affect your wellbeing greatly. Now i'm a clean person but sometimes weight loss be therefore fortunate regarding the people who are around you and that can lead to me receiving sick. In line with the World Health Organization (WHO) " division of money, power and methods at global, national and native levels…” could be a big social factor linked to health. The amount of money factor has its own pros and cons when it comes to health, mainly because if you don't have enough of it you can not afford care. Personally I might say that I actually am socially healthy for the person my age. I am able to afford each of the necessity's to hold me who is fit....

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