Business Ethics

Exam 1 Article Questions

Question #1

The right relationship among law and reflective integrity in a properly ordered world is that they are very similar in that they both need the same tendencies up until a minor point of the law, when it is the duty from the government to leave the moral decision up to the person. It is a meaning standard that law become kept to a minimum. This is because although the government wants to protect us, they do not wish to limit us and infringe upon other legal rights we may include. An example that demonstrates how reflective values and legislation differ is the laws imposed on Germans by the Third Reich of Hitler. Legally, people were forced to perform works considered morally wrong. The legal requirements and the meaning obligations in the German persons conflicted. Among the what refractive ethics and law share in common can be laws that prohibit serves such as homicide, rape, and armed theft. Laws protect the human legal rights that all humans are entitled to possess. Law and ethics are not the same, laws change from area to area, while ethics really are a universal habit code. In an ideal contemporary society laws are not to require that individuals go against their particular moral requirements, but should certainly overlap with human moral standards. In that case, when a level is reached outside the actually reaches of the rules, reflective integrity emerges which is the sole responsibility of the individual to become upheld. Question 2

Regular morality and reflective values differ in a few very important Techniques. " Typical morality is the raw materials to be mastered by reflective Ethics. " What this means is that conventional morality is merely a set of ethical beliefs that people uphold which was given to us by peers, adults, and the people that surround us, nevertheless reflective values is the potential we have to make our own moral decisions and judge our moral concerns for themselves.

Standard ethics can be described as code come up with from the good examples set forth by the society...

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