La Marche

La Case is a cave and archaeological site operating out of Lussac-les-Châteaux, a residential area in the area of Vienne, western Portugal. The designed etchings discovered there in 1937 display 15, 500 year-old detailed depictions of humans. The cave paintings at this site will be debated and lots of people have hunch about their legitimacy. What could become the earliest lifelike sketches of individual faces were uncovered right here. 
The photos were 1st distinguished over 50 years ago, yet were then lost to history following doubts were tossed in their authenticity. Now, one particular German scientist, Dr Michael jordan Rappenglueck, of Munich University, says it is time the pictures were reassessed. The Art

French man of science Leon Pericard, who excavated it intended for five years, discovered the cave system in 1937. Over one particular, 500 slabs were found on which images were imprinted. These photos of " real” Neanderthal women and men, persons in shoes, robes, and hats – may go as far back over 15, 000 years. This was a long time before the time when Europe was firmly in the clutch of an Ice Age. If accurate, this may make them a possible 2000 years older than forecasted. 
" They've been completely forgotten by modern science, ” Dr Rappenglueck told LABELLISE BASSE CONSOMMATION News On the web. " These people were mentioned in a few books various decades before and terminated as fakes – as then absolutely nothing. ” " Earth Cave”

It's not officially call the earth cave but it really would make impression. Animals, actors, the celestial satellite, and HUMAN BEINGS!!! You see a good amount of humans on the planet. However , it has occasionally been asked why the pets or animals painted on the walls of such caves are so much more lifelike than the human forms portrayed with them. ”Could it end up being because the hotter human photographs were positioned on the floor? ” asks Doctor Rappenglueck. Therefore, such pieces on the flooring of additional prehistoric caves may have been inadvertently destroyed. What could be the oldest antojo calendar ever created continues to be identified for the walls from the famous prehistoric caves at Lascaux in France. The German...


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