Week some

Career Research Assignment

Scenario: You just discovered that your spouse received a promotion at his/her job. The sole problem is that the promotion can force you to move to one more state. Thankfully, you have only graduated DeVry University and therefore are ready to obtain a position with the new degree. Before you go, you want to do some analysis.

Making use of Library and Internet resources conduct exploration and send your replies to the next questions:

1 . What type of location will you will probably be seeking in addition to which express?

We are seeking a situation as a Project Manager as well as the state that We would be going to will be California.

2 . For this position respond to the following questions with official options noted:

a. What type of salary can you expect for this placement in your new state? Since Project Administration is a larger term and may have a degree into may differ fields and levels We went ahead and collect information for the more general term and even more specific. Beneath you will see information concerning the wider term and specific. In respect to Earnings. com I was able to find this:

b. What is the " official” (such as the knowledge provided in The Occupation View Handbook On the net located in the Webliography) career outlook for this position in the new state?

In line with the Occupation Outlook Handbook On the web my annual rent mean salary for Managers / Other section will be $122, 380. Please see below.

a few. Locate 3 employers in your new condition who would employ someone along with your intended position and complete the following information on each of them?

a. Identity of Company/Organization

b. Address

c. Site

d. Brand and title of the highest-ranking officer

at the. When was the company/organization started out

f. Approx . number of employees

g. How is the company performing fiscally and based upon this information, precisely what are the employment prospects probably be? h. What kind of good or...


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