Jasmine Meters. Kadano


To the beloved Director and Cavite School Existence founder, Mister. Ernesto Versus. Yu, to our adorable Cavite School of Life movie director and Financing Officer, Ms. Maybelle U. Yu, for the man having a big heart, our Principal, Mr. Roberto G. Dumali, to our useful student affairs coordinator Mister. Francis L. Mangrobang, to the handsome Willpower Coordinator, Mister. Rogelio Big t. Chavez, to the school board members, faculty and staffs, parents, family, fellow teachers, guests, people.

Good time.

There is a Latin dictum which says and i also quote, " Ex golpe cordis, os loquitur” meaning, " In the abundance from the heart, your mouth speaks! ”

Today, permit me to speak of Perfect little angels words, of words of wisdom, of words of affection and of terms of happiness and thanksgiving. For today, in this very historical place, and in this kind of very important minute in our extremely lives while graduates of 2013, we have witnessed the fruits of our labor! Today, I stand before you not as a super-hero, nor a genius, rather than even the additionally but as one with you who are able to truly confirm the proof of success despite of nothingness.

Yes, nothingness or poverty will certainly not be a burden to a accurate success! All over again, we have tested that. Once again, I have proven that. Because you may almost all have regarded, my parents are never rich. You'll want known and learned how my father, Sopas Boy, labored so hard to send me to the wonderful and spirit packed school. Approach known as well, how my personal mother, The female Paz needs to give up a number of her desires just so that I can pursue my studies. When Sopas Boy acquired a heart stroke that practically send him to everlasting rest, My spouse and i almost give up hope for dr. murphy is the only one whom provides us with our basic needs specifically my college needs. Thinking that I might end from training really directs shivers straight down my spinal column. As I check out Mama Entusiasmar crying, I can not but feel the incredible pain of any mother who had been not only thinking of how could Sopas survive much more to her...


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