Interwest Health care Corp. is actually a non-profit organization. This firm has not been succeeding in the health care industry for the last couple of months. Interwest's CFO found that the employees are not giving full focus while info entry. Interwest continuously making wrong statement and for this reason that deprived of obtaining federal cash from Govt, which is a enormous loss for them. The CFO Mr. Sing addressed the situation and handled a meeting with the employees such as the CEO in order to fix the problem; but , the result is actually zero. Moreover, the employees said Mr. Sing is not taking care of patients. The CEO seems pressure do not maintain the dedication he made with all the high authority with the company. Finally, in order for correctly manage the corporation; the CEO hired a consultant regarding get a constant decision that arises daily.

1 . Exactly what the potential sources of the problem?

Problem supervision is the technique of addressing potential problem as well as solving the challenge when it is important (Rouse, l. 1, 2008). The CFO of Interwest's Sing performed address the challenge, but this individual actually does not know how to fix the problem. An additional major problem of Interwest is usually lack of a great relationship between employees by top to lower levels. It seems like all personnel are hardly meeting with the CEO and CFO when ever only the trouble arises. Furthermore, Organizational managers are the responsible for attaining every organizational desired goals; but , after they abstain from performing their responsibilities, company's productivity goes down. The primary product of healthcare company is support; but , Mister. Sing will certainly not be dedicated to providing better in order to patients (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, l. 38, 2009). As a result, workers get demotivated from the excessive officials and did careless work on their very own work. Furthermore, the absence of proper preparing with respect to apply accurate data system is one more source of the situation. Interwest could have faced away of...

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