Individual Connection Analysis two Our original group brand was PAYBBB. PAYBBB's was obviously a combination of each members last-name Bria Priddy, Campbell Anderson, Brittany Younts, Sharoyal Dark brown, Quamir Brownish, and Sarika Bour. Nevertheless , after all in the trials and tribulations all of us experienced through our first project, that was the Group Analysis we decided to reassess the situation as well as the name of your group. The Band we all chose intended for our Group Analysis was N. T. A. (N**** Wit Attitude). We experienced that we gathered as not only a small group, nevertheless also a family members. The group as a whole made the decision it was moment for change; we then changed our name from PAYBBB to N. T. A. (Niners Wit Attitude). Every member played an important role within our group's successfulness whether serving as the Initiator all the way to the Thoughts and opinions Seeker. Campbell's roles included the Dominator, Standard Setter, Thoughts and opinions Giver, and Joker. Sharoyal's roles included Recognition Finder, Aggressor, Opinion Giver, and Dominator. Sarika served because the Encourager, Contributor, Judgment Seeker, and Group Viewer. Bria's functions included the Initiator, Information Seeker, Details Giver, and Special-Interest Speaker. Brittany's roles included the Group Viewer, Follower, Support Seeker, and Information Hunter. I dished up as the Contributor, Data Seeker, Thoughts and opinions Giver, and Compromiser. Some general jobs our group has achieved include the recording of our music video intended for our Music group Interaction Analysis, the product skit, and the creation of our " Shuttle System 49thousand”. Each of our group picked the Emblematic Convergence Theory, because this theory was the most significant in our thoughts and opinions during my select few experience. The Symbolic Convergence Theory claims; " interaction shape a group's identification and culture, which in turn affect other mechanics such as rules, roles, and decision making. After some time groups develop collective intelligence with shared emotions, reasons, and meanings” (Beebe, 2012). A few key features I chose include; shared fantasies, thoughts, motives, and meanings. Our theory can be not necessarily better than any other theory, but more original than any other theories. The Symbolic Affluence theory played right into the consumer Interaction Analysis 3 aspect of our group, because quite often we put in in group meetings we mentioned things we might accomplish and just how we would complete them. That type of creative thinking allowed us to expand as a group and began to gain a sense of cohesiveness. However , prior to coming jointly our organizations failed to compromise, instead we all bickered above egotistic concerns. We rapidly realized we all suffered from ego-conflict which claims; conflict that happens when individuals become defensive because they truly feel they are getting attacked. Following our conference to discuss problems we had to work on as a group we realized that was a significant portion of discord that served as a obstacle to our group's potential success. When our group in the beginning formed we symbolically converged into two smaller teams within our small group, which bring about a lack of connection. The major features of this theory include norms, roles, management, goals, cohesiveness, and decision making. " Niners Wit Attitude” lacked a definite set of rules which is " the standard that determines appropriate and unacceptable behavior” (Beebe, 2012). One particular division of our small group believed that it was obligatory to show up to meetings around five minutes early on, while the various other division sensed it was just fine to show up five minutes later. Another tradition that looked like there was misinterpreted was turning the portion of the project that was assigned on the day that was established rather than when it was convenient. At the end of each getting together with members...


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