In the move of the nineteenth to the 20th century, American families switched their interest to a fresh style of house; the maison. This new type of housing can be smaller than the previously well-liked living preparations such as the Victoria style home. The cottage homes had been more uniform with each other, which in turn created a more homogeneous look in neighborhoods. We were holding also considerably more affordable residence to People in america than previous homes, and promoted performance and progressivism. The word cottage was defined by Gwendolyn Wright as " generally referring to a unpretentious little house... the word implies a one-story or story-and-a-half home of among six hundred and eight hundred square feet. ” Bedrooms were very small, and the kitchen was usually simply big enough for one person to work in at a time.

Edward Bok, the publisher of the Ladies‘ Home Record, promoted various Progressive causes. He applied the magazine to advertise the simple pavillon style. This individual stated that " we require only to become more natural: to get back to the real, interior selves. ” He assumed the homes at the turn of the hundred years were also cluttered and over-furnished, and several of the homes problems were directly related to nervous complete breakdowns of women in that time period. Bok thought lots of women were pushed by cultural criticism to refrain from streamlining their home, they dreaded the possibility that their bedrooms would be referred to as " uncovered. ” Yet more simpleness in the homes would, consequently, also produce lives less difficult. Families could have fuller lives because they might have more period.

Gustav Stickley was one of the more important promoters in the bungalow home. Stickley advised that many sociable issues and problems could possibly be remedied by adoption of your more simple residence style. Even issues including divorce prices, lack of maids, crime, and civil disorder. He presumed that " the major characteristics from the pioneer however shape precisely what are the salient qualities in American existence. ” He went on...


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