Over the semester in ***** Global Studies II: Man Rights and Responsibility, we covered a large number of topics about the subject of human legal rights including what qualifies since human privileges and who are able to enforce these types of rights. Although I have certainly not personally experienced violations of human rights to the level that we protected in class, I now have a greater understanding of what my duties are as a human being as well as human rights as a whole.

I do think one of the most significant concepts I learned in this course originated from Waiting for the Barbarians, the novel by simply J. Meters. Coetzee. This novel used the experience of a man known as the Magistrate, who was himself part of a group violating the rights of another selection of human beings. The Magistrate's people captured, tortured, and killed many harmless " barbarians”, and even though the Magistrate himself never participated in the functions of violence, he experienced guilty for what was happening to these persons. He did not step from his situation however because he felt that if he were to leave, his position would be changed by somebody who was much less sympathetic for the barbarians than he was. And although I would probably did the same thing in his situation, that made me recognize that many concerns stay quiet for factors like this. The Magistrate was afraid of might happen if the information was released that his people were harming others associated with what would happen to the barbarians. The Justice of the peace proves if he returns a captured female to her small town that one person can make a difference. A existence was preserved because the Magistrate had a conscious and a better understanding of cosmopolitanism than the associated with his people. The Justice of the peace definitely did not view the girl as the same as him but he considered her the same as him in regards to what they are really which is individual. Once the Magistrate is tortured near the end of the novel, he comprehended the barbarians and found his people for what that they truly were. This...


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