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A Dad's Affection Greatly Affects His Son's Persona Development

From the moment we are created we are like empty cups of. We have no personality, we now have no idea in life. We have no identity. It is often the people around us and didactics that make us whom we are. Early on we are molded by each of our parents, the greatest makers of the identity. Each of our mothers and fathers impact us more than any other person. The way we communicate and discover life may all or partly be influenced by them.

Both of them influence our persona, both in various ways.

Yet the latest studies claim that the father basically has the same or increased impact on a child's development than a mother. This has happen so since children and young adults are likely to pay more attention to whichever mother or father they perceive to have higher interpersonal power or reputation. So if a child interprets his dad as having higher reputation, he may become more influential in his life compared to the child's mother.

So how will do a Father impact his children? Especially his son? Depending on my experience and clinical articles that I've examine these are the possible ways on how a father can affect his boy:

First, the father inspires his son being independent and self supporting. Early in life once i was developing up. My dad rarely assists me for the things that we do. He'd tell me the basics, and would only find out if I are doing well. I recall him declaring, " diskartehan mo yan. ” Or perhaps " edi subukan mo. ” After i am problematic and impossible in what I actually am doing. Now that We have grown a lot, this was the only time i realized that this actions of his made me an independent guy. I grew trusting my own abilities. Knowing that I can do anything if I will think and offer my center into it.

In that case, a father's acceptance or treatment to his kid determines the boy's self-pride infront...


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