The background music Games Worldwide (Hereafter termed as " MGI”) team composed of seven (7) members as stated - The group is extremely diverse including of the pursuing, Henry Tam and Nilai Soiman had been final term students for Harvard Business School (Hereafter referred to as " HBS”) focusing on the business strategy not just intended for the competition, and since a professional problem as soon. For the founding fathers, Sasha Gimpelson was reputed for his non-traditional ideas. Igor Tkachenko, an established musician and Roman Yakub, a composer. Alex Sartakov -introduced to the group by using a mutual good friend of Igor and Sasha, he had music background, Dav Clark was a MIT graduate student had a application background and was also intending to enter the MGI case for the MIT business plan contest.

Issue 1

What is your analysis of the MGI's team procedure? What had been the roots causes of the team's procedure problems?

In evaluating the team's procedure from the four stages of group expansion as shown at Demonstrate 1 are: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing.

The developing stage when the founders of MGI looking for someone who can work on performing general supervision, sales and marketing because of their child edutainment products while at the same time, Henry and Dana, the 2 HBS MBA class students were looking at a company to allow them to work for The Harvard Strategy Contest. With this important level, the team were required to start creating the team structure, appointing crew leader, expanding individual jobs, developing pushed and interaction, developing norms, defining problems and approach and discovering information required.

However , that was under no circumstances happened and in fact there was clearly something ‘unusual' at the forming stage in which one of the co-founders, Roman was missing with the first appointment, while Alex was introduced as one of the team member at the second meeting when Dave in the third conference subsequently. The forming level was...


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