We all concluded that the store uses the focus and cost management models since business approaches. This particular HEB tries to remain competitive as a low priced leader while offering low prices because of their products. Additionally they try concentrate on their target audience group just as much as they can. All of us found the forex market group to incorporate low-income and price mindful families, elderly people, and the Bryan area clients. There are not many different brands of each type product to choose from and a lot of items are in bulk so that prices can be driven down reduced to please the target marketplace. This HEB's motto is " bunch it large and sell this low, ” as stated around the many price cut banners located through the shop. There were also limited university supplies and toiletries. With that being said, there is not much at this area that interests college students, as opposed to the rest of the HEB's and Walmarts located in the BCS area. Those retailers have more item differentiation and products that appeal to the college audience and middle-upper level category families. The ambiance with this store is very different as well. It feels more like a big available warehouse with pallets of goods still shrink-wrapped and stacked high unlike the clean and attractive shops we are used to shopping in. There is also tiny organization and strategic item placement at this store as opposed to placing comparable products with each other like on the other locations.

After completing this physical exercise, we have found that grocery stores can easily face competition from both equally large and small retailers. Although HEB is the simply main supermarket in the location, there are several tiny discount retailers and Philippine specialty retailers that can charm to the same customers that HEB is intending to attract. Nevertheless , since you will discover no additional major supermarkets in the area, HEB can still attract an adequate amount of customers from the Bryan region. In the food industry we found that location is vital,


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