Answer you - Every single customer should answer the following questions: 1 . Am I obese.

One needs to investigate BMI info for finding hope for00 this.

2 . Do I wish to change

The answer to this problem depends upon the subsequent criteria. 1 ) Looks mind

2 . Overall health consciousness

three or more. If the response to both the over questions is usually yes after that there will be a few options intended for the customer pertaining to

Exercise| OTC| Approved drugs

Pros1. [email protected] naturalGood habitLifestyleCons: Time consuming (including travel time) and period constraintNo ensure of facilities and characteristics. Tedious| Curvo need to consult Doctor- conserve costEasily accessibleCons: Side effectsLong term feasible damagesMay certainly not be given the green light by FDADeceptive Marketing Claim| ProRelatively more reliable than OTCCons: Further cost of consulting the doctor. | $245 normal cost to get 3 months| |

4. The following are the criteria utilized to evaluate the alternatives in the subsequent order. a. Safety

m. Effectiveness

c. Price

m. Social effect

As per the 5Cs propounding beneath marketing strategy, firsts C symbolize customers. we might have the subsequent categories of persons involved:

1 . Initiator: Good friends, Self or family

installment payments on your Decider: Medical care practitioner or perhaps Self

several. Influencer: Friends, Family, Position model or Healthcare practitioner 4. Customer: Self or perhaps family

5. User: Home

Answer a couple of

Segmentation scheme given in the situation can be generally classified in to demographic and psychographic -

Demographic(age, sexuality, family size, lifecycle, income, religion)-

1 . BMI -- Broadly more than

Answer 3

initial Basis of Segmentation is BMI

34% of folks

2nd Foundation Segmentation -- Gender

According to exibit you, 67% of Men and 62% of Women are in

How to further get a segmentation we went back to exhibit 2 . Factors 5 to point on the lookout for tell us that ladies is what we must target.

3rd Basis of segmentation is education

3rd last point of exhbit 2, 74% with degree are aware of...


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