Company Description

A group of fresh entrepreneurs in Polytechnic School Of The Philippines- San Pedro Campus happen to be craved to witness, produce possible enhancements, and put their own marks in the wonderful world of business. Their particular passion and enthusiasm in the field of food went them to build a new drink that will surely satisfy the minds of the small or mature food sportsman. This organization will start in San Pedro, Laguna. The first market of " MalunggayHealthTea” would be the San Pedro community. The said organization is not just made to make revenue but also to encourage other fresh entrepreneurs for making their own success. Awareness of large tea can be on the rise. Goodtea is a unusual combination of nutrition, convenience, and luxury. Today's consumer offers less time to produce wholesome, hand crafted tea nevertheless increasingly appreciates the healthy and sensory benefits it offers. TRINITEA will produce promote high quality, hand crafted tea towards the residents and tourists of San Pedro Laguna. The organization will concentrate on traditional design of making tea with high quality ingredients made of malunggay.

Background Business Concept

These youthful entrepreneurs had been going out in several places to try distinct foods to catch some satisfaction that they've been looking for. Due to this they have already decided to produce the " Malunggay Tea and Coffee”

Current Businesses

TRINITEA relationship owners will operate all their business. They will serve as the operator, manufacturer and the distributor of the product. For development of the business purposes, theyopen for recruiting to assist their business.

Direction and Environment

Mission Statement

Organization mission is usually to provide excessive nutrition worth of tea, making people experience the magnificence of your life.

Vision Affirmation

TRINITEA should be the premier company of a healthy tea for folks of all ages the majority of specially to the people who happen to be health conscious as well as bring persons together inspite of their dissimilarities.


To promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the customer needs 2 . To gain competitive edge.

three or more. To provide quality customer service.

some. To increase the firms role regarding social responsibility.

Reason behind Focus

TRINITEA Company offers focus in making tea made from Moringa Oleifera also known as Malunggay is because many people doesn't understand the benefits that we can get by it. Yet another thing is, Malunggay is everywhere. Oftentimes all of us just disregard it and that we would rather spend our important money for anyone expensive vegetables in the market. Small did we can say that this incredibly ordinary veggie is packed with essential minerals and vitamins that our human body needs. TRINITEA Company assumed that Malunggay has a big potential in the market because of large nutrition benefit that most people will profit. Moringa Oleifera considered as Wonder Tree because almost all of the parts include therapeutic and medicinal values.

Distinctive Expertise

TRINITEA Organization uses a excessive technology in terms of packaging method that make it more competitive to other organization who also provide the same merchandise. TRINITEA develop a strong customer relations besides making them to feel that they are such as a part of the relatives because of how our worker treat all of them.

Your competition

The Malunggay Tea sector in San Pedro Town currently has no direct competitor selling similar product because HEALTHTEA partnership offered to industry.


Knowing the merchandise one offers and learning its competitive edges with the competitors can assist them to endure the intense competition. Malunggay HealthTea is a high nutrition worth tea that good for everybody most specially to prospects who are health conscious. Malunggay HealthTea is constructed of malunggay leaves that go through air drying procedure and cooking to a frying pan which has a controlled degree of temperature. TRINITEA used a higher technology tea packing...


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