Surface Water in Dhaka Metropolis

Mohammad Tousif Khan




Ground drinking water is a precious resource of the nature. Most of the people think that surface water means surface water but water existing in soil pores under the property surface is recognized as ground normal water. Ground water meets the maximum needs of water of people everywhere. As depletable resource, water is likewise getting reduced day by day and another thing, normal water is contaminated in various techniques. So that, ground water has become under menace due to it can over fermage.

Dhaka is definitely the capital associated with Bangladesh with a population of about 12. five millions as well as its population level is over 5%. Projected population is about twenty-two million simply by 2025. Dhaka is now the 7th greatest populated city in the world in fact it is anticipated that Dhaka could be the 2nd largest city on the globe by 2020. This town is full of problem and one of the major problems can be water catastrophe.

Though Bangladesh can be rich in drinking water resource, but there is still lack of safe water. The cities in Bangladesh are the centre of employment, communications and advancement. So , individuals are rapidly migrating in these cities from country areas place putting added pressure for the infrastructure and water resources.

For this huge population in Dhaka metropolis, water require is also big. And optimum portion of this greater require is happy by floor water. The daily requirement of water in Dhaka metropolis is about 2 hundred crore liters while WASA supplies one hundred and eighty crore liters, leaving a shortage of 20 crore liters. Out with this 180 crore liters of water, 154. 50 crore liters of water are supplied by ground water. All many 85%-87% of water comes from under the ground along with them are from surface drinking water.

To supply this kind of massive amount of water we have to extract a whole lot from the ground. Everyday demand for water is increasing and we happen to be adding fresh pumps. In 1998, there were just 243 drinking water pumps to lift water in 2004 it was 440 but now it truly is 560. Every...


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