Krystina Leadbetter

Prof. Nielson

English 102

WP#2-First Draft



To whom this concerns. Basically this concerns everyone. Our company is in a condition of problems. This problems is not really in the form of a war, unemployment, or the not enough health care but it comes in the proper execution of young suicide. Within the last month more than a handful of teenagers have taken their particular lives because they were getting bullied by school. These young kids were not bullied since they dressed differently or perhaps they were poor they were teased because these were homosexual. The Gay, Lesbian porn, Bisexual, and Transgender children are being targeted at school and being teased to the stage that they feel they have not any other decision but to take their lifestyle. They are being told they are an abomination and they are going to burn up in terrible. Some of these kids are even getting followed home and having eggs placed at all of them or their very own homes aerosol painted. Within a place such as a school exactly where everyone will need to feel secure to be who they actually are and not have to be in fear of what is around the next corner schools are a place of horror for many kids in the LGBT community. How can it be that in today world that we while Americans can be filled with a great deal hate? This is certainly a hate and intolerance that is being passed down by parent to child and after that it repeats when that child has his or her very own kids. This kind of cycle of hate and intolerance needs to stop. We live in the very best country on the globe and yet it is not safe pertaining to the kids from the LGBT community to be themselves and head to school. It is not just the children in the institution that are doing the lovato. Teacher, consultants, and principals are turning their mind has it happening and undertaking nothing. College board associates are posting blogs about how precisely all the homosexuals should pass away. It baffles me that individuals live in america of America the terrain of the COST-FREE and the home of the FEARLESS and yet these kinds of kids are not free in any way and no the first is brave enough to stop what is...


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