The revolution in France during the year 1789 had numerous long term causes. The causes consisted of Poor Leadership in the monarchy, poor people economical position of the country, and the spreading of the suggestions brought forth during the Enlightenment Era. These kinds of problems and others contributed to quick the French Trend due to the hefty burden added to the third estate by the initial and second estates along with by the monarchy. In 1789, the Bourgeoisie led the next estate in to the official start of the French Innovation. One of the main triggers to the The french language Revolution was weak leadership. " California king Lois XVI was overall. He reigned over by keen right. ” (Document 1) King Lois griffin XVI don't posses political training. Also, King Lois got tired easily and was really indecisive. England didn't possess universal laws. France had laws just by region. The mixture of all of these concerns caused England to go through under his leadership. Another problem inside France that directly pertains to the poor command was the Overall economy. A major affect in the People from france Revolution was your economy. England during the rule of King Lois XVI and Marie Antoinette was in great financial debt. First off, there was clearly the taxation problem. fully of taxes were paid out by the third estate (Document 3). This kind of had the price tag on living very hard to handle for most families. One other issue was your deficit spending. The absolute monarchy spent considerably more money than they had, as a result driving France further in debt. Along with that, Queen Marie Antoinette had a serious gambling issue, often wagering away duty money. At the start of the French Revolution, the National Assembly brought forward a new point. " That the grosseur be in the mind equally by all classes. ” (Document 4). As well, at the beginning of french Revolution was the spreading of enlightenment concepts. The revolution had been finished and received in the minds of many innovative individuals far just before it happened for real. (Document 5) The enlightenment...


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