Katie Muterspaw

Mrs. Ascoli

AP English

9 August 12, 2014

Argumentative Essay: Eugenics

Eugenics has become defined as " The science of improving a human population by simply controlled reproduction to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. ” In other words, eugenics is a method used to eliminate certain societies of individuals that could potentially be regarded as weak, or perhaps undesirable. Eugenics is a great unpopular but extremely important, and extremely serious subject matter. The idea of if Eugenics is considered good or unacceptable is controversial. I believe the latter. Throughout history, diathesis has been employed in a negative way to end certain beings because of race, religion, and mental physical handicaps.

Eugenics has been used to damage beings coming from some of the earliest times on planet history. The practice of eugenics originated mainly via Francis Galton, a well known psychologist from the middle section to later 1800's. Even before Galton, diathesis was recognized to have been used with Spartans, and many other groupings. A popular circumstance of eugenics used in newer history happened during World War II. The holocaust. One of Hitler's main goals during his time because dictator was going to create the Aryan competition. He desired everyone to look similar; blond hair, blue sight. To do this, he had to take apart the outliers that did not fit the wanted qualities. Jews, homosexuals, handicapped, yet others were exterminated during his time in electric power. This, i think is completely unsatisfactory. Killing somebody who does not in shape society's idea of perfect can be inhumane, for any woman.

Diathesis is a subject that has an incredibly important record, and could potentially make its way into present period, so why is that that most individuals have never also heard the term? And when they do, their initial question is often " whets that? ” Some could argue that eugenics is over with, a dead practice, but My spouse and i firmly think that the study of...


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